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Welcome to my website. I am a scientist and educator, who specializes in explaining developments in astronomy to the public in everyday language. I also work with teachers, museum educators, and young astronomers to help them be more effective in doing space-science education and outreach.

I am a regular guest on regional and national radio and podcasts discussing astronomical news and ideas. I keep a semi-regular blog called “Exploring the Universe,” plus a Facebook page called The AstroProf, which features the same information.

For many years, I have had an interest in using fiction, music, poetry, and other branches of the humanities to teach and illuminate astronomy. Recently, I have begun writing my own science fiction stories, a few of which have now been published.

Another interest of mine is collecting and compiling useful resources for teaching and learning about different branches of astronomy. On this site, you can sample a variety of my work, including some of the resource guides I have put together.

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