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Giving Talks on Astronomy Education

One of my specialties is giving astronomy lectures to audiences interested in astronomy and how it is taught, and to groups of educators.  I have given lectures over the past decades on a wide range of topics in astronomy, with a particular emphasis on how to convey them in everyday language. I  have a particular interest in effective science education practice and in connecting astronomy in the classroom with other fields, especially the humanities.

Past talks have included:

  • A plenary talk on astronomy and music at the the Eighth International Conference on the Inspiration of Astronomical Phenomena (at the Hayden Planetarium in New York City)
  • Giving an introduction to and narrating Gustav Holst’s The Planets with the Peninsula Symphony Orchestra (pictured above)
  • Invited talk on “Space Science Education” at the Societal Impact of Spaceflight Conference sponsored by NASA and the National Air & Space Museum
  • Physics colloquium at the University of San Francisco on “Dealing with Astrology, UFO’s and Other Pseudo-science Topics in Astronomy Education”
  • “Astronomy in Popular Culture:” The Gemant Prize Lecture at the 2008 Winter Meeting of the American Astronomical Society
  • Plenary talk on “Astronomy Education in the U.S.” at a conference on space-science education.

Please use the contact form on this website to get in touch if you want to discuss my giving such a talk.

Comments on Past Talks
“You exceeded even the high standards we’ve come to expect from you in your talk to the Fellowship Forum today. You made me proud to introduce you, for you exemplified the best in communication. The ability to explain is a great boon, but to it you add the power to excite the minds of your audience. I’ve introduced a wide variety of speakers, but none ever who kept his hearers in such a constant state of attention and enjoyment.”
- William Goss, Former President, Canada College

“You could tell from the ‘edge of the chair’ attention and extended applause that you were superb. Thank you for the best program of the year.”
- Harry Kalshian, Advanced Information Systems, American Bell Company
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