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Radio Programs & Podcasts with Andrew Fraknoi

With Michael Krasny, former host of the Forum talk show, on the San Francisco NPR Station, KQED Radio

Over the years, both national and local radio programs (and podcasts) have asked me to explain astronomical developments in everyday language.  Sometimes I am on for just a few minutes as part of the discussion of a piece of astronomy news; on other occasions I am on for a full hour discussing astronomy and space and answering listener questions.   Below are links to some of the longer programs I have been on which are preserved on the Web.

Grey Matter Podcast with Michael Krasny (Mar. 15, 2024): 60-minute interview about eclipses and more: https://www.greymatter.show/episodes/s1e75-andrew-fraknoi-science-a-total-view-of-the-total-eclipse

An Eclipse Double Header: The Two Eclipses of the Sun in 2023-24 (A Talk in the Silicon Valley Astronomy Lecture Series, May 10, 2023): https://www.buzzsprout.com/1805595/episodes/12872142

The Mark Thompson Show (Mar 11, 2023): A 20-minute interview on a variety of astronomy and space topics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cr7ycZjpFI

KCBS in Depth (with Keith Menconi, Nov. 19, 2022): An interview on the James Webb Space Telescope and more (my part starts at 14:27): https://omny.fm/shows/kcbs-in-depth/moon-mission

Your Weekly Dose Podcast (July 2020): An Interview about my Career, Astronomy News, and Reminiscences about the syndicated Mark & Brian Radio Show, on which I was a Regular Guest (my part starts 33 minutes in): https://seanroberts.net/podcast/blog/your-weekly-dose-podcast-show-179-learning-the-fraknoi-way

50 Years after our First Step: What Do We Know about the Moon? (a talk at the Commonwealth Club of California; July 2019, 68 min):  https://www.commonwealthclub.org/events/archive/podcast/astronomer-andrew-fraknoi-50-years-our-first-step

The Winter Solstice in Astronomy and History (Big Picture Science Dec. 17, 2018; 36 minutes into the program): http://radio.seti.org/episodes/yule

The 2018 Total Eclipse of the Moon and What the Collision of Star Corpses Can Teach Us (KQED Forum, with Michael Krasny, Jan. 30, 2018):    https://ww2.kqed.org/forum/2018/01/29/rare-super-blue-lunar-eclipse-comes-wednesday-morning/

Americans Prepare for the Coast to Coast Eclipse (KQED Forum with Michael Krasny, July 27, 2017):

Big Picture Science Radio Show on the 2017 eclipse of the Sun (July 2017, four different guests share the hour):

Big Picture Science Radio Show on science fiction (features AF’s discussion of science fiction writing and his first published story, June 12, 2017; AF starts 18 minutes into the show):

Big Picture Science Radio Show on the top tourist sights in the solar system (features discussion with AF at several points during the show; Aug. 10, 2015):

NPR Science Friday about a lunar eclipse (17 min, Apr. 2014):

Big Picture Science Radio Show overview of comets and Comet ISON (10 min, Dec. 16, 2013):
(AF starts 28 minutes into the show; you can move your cursor along the show timeline to get to it)

KQED Radio News Interview on Comet ISON (6 min, Dec. 2, 2013):

NPR Science Friday Interview about Comet ISON (15 min, Nov. 22, 2013):

KQED Radio Forum on the Large Meteoroid Exploding Over Russia (Feb. 15, 2013):

Comets and Other 2013 Sky Events (NPR Science Friday, 10 minute segment, Jan. 4, 2013):

Big Picture Science Special Episode on Doomsday (Nov. 25, 2012):

KQED Radio Forum Program on Shutting Down the Allen Telescope Array and the Search for Life in the Universe (May 10, 2011):

KQED Radio Forum Program on Astronomical News (Nov. 16, 2009):

Interview about Galileo’s 400th Anniversary on the Are We Alone Radio Show with Seth Shostak (Mar. 2, 2009):

Podcast on the 120th Anniversary of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, part of the 365 Days of Astronomy series during the International Year of Astronomy (Feb. 6, 2009):

KQED Forum Program on New Discoveries about Astronomy (an hour conversation with Michael Krasny), Dec. 11, 2008:

Point of Inquiry Webcast on “Your Body’s Cosmic History”, Sept. 12, 2008:

KQED Forum Program on Mars Exploration and Exploding Stars (also with NASA astronomer David Morrison), May 28, 2008:

Are We Alone Radio Show (SETI Institute) on writing a children’s book for Disney (15 minutes in middle of show), Jan. 14, 2008:

KQED Forum Discussion on Discovery of an Earth-like Planet (also with planet-hunter Debra Fischer); 1 hr., Apr. 30, 2007:

Science and Society Podcast on “Pluto and the New Definition of a Planet” (Nov. 17, 2006):

Are We Alone Radio Show (SETI Inst.) on “A Skeptical View of Astrology” (Oct. 18, 2006):

Are We Alone Radio Show on “Science Fiction with Good Astronomy” (Aug. 23, 2006):

KQED Forum Interview/Debate on New IAU Definition of a Planet (1 hr, Aug. 17, 2006):

Science Friday (NPR) 20-min Interview on a Sightseeing Tour of the Solar System (Jul. 28, 2006):

KQED Forum Interview on a range of astronomy topics (1 hr, Jan. 19, 2006): https://www.kqed.org/forum/601191000/space-update

KQED Forum Discussion on the Deep Impact Mission and Other Astronomy News (1 hr, July 6, 2005): https://www.kqed.org/forum/507060900/deep-impact-mission

Science Friday Short Interview on Leonids Meteor Shower and Meteor Observing (Nov. 16, 2001):

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