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Nebula and Galaxy Images

Please see the blog section of this website for a variety of beautiful new images from the James Webb Space Telescope.

This dramatic Hubble Space Telescope image shows the Whirlpool Galaxy, which is interacting with the smaller galaxy on the right.

The Pleiades by David Lane

The eye-catching open cluster of stars, called the Pleiades, is shown here in a long exposure by master photographer David Lane. It shows the blue light reflecting from nearby clouds of dust.

Spectacular image of the Great Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 1365

This image captures the elegant galaxy NGC 1365 in the Fornax Cluster of galaxies. Also known as The Great Barred Spiral Galaxy, NGC 1365 is a strikingly perfect example of a barred spiral galaxy. This image shows the galaxy’s prominent bar and its graceful spiral arms, with lanes of dust obscuring the extended diffuse glow of stars. (Composite by Rob Gendler)

This is just a sample; more pictures to come!

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