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Interdisciplinary Articles (Astronomy & the Humanities)

Poster for the play “Silent Sky” about Henrietta Leavitt

One of my favorite parts of exploring astronomy is finding connections between our understanding of the universe and other fields of human thought.   Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with, and learn from, a number of distinguished interdisciplinary scholars, including my history of science professor Gerald Holton and my late friend and expert on physics-and-literature, Alan Friedman.  Tutored by them and many others, I have tried to look into the history of astronomy and into the inspiration it provides for the arts.  On this page, you will find articles connecting astronomy and the humanities, including music, poetry, fiction (including science fiction), and play and films.  I hope these pieces will allow you to discover the influence and inspiration astronomical ideas have had on our culture.

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Astronomy: Cosmic Fiction, Drama, and Poetry (from CAP Journal):

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Astronomy: The Music of the Spheres (from CAP Journal):

“Music of the Spheres” in Education: Using Astronomically Inspired Music (in Astronomy Education Review 2006):

Music Inspired by Astronomy: A Guide Organized by Topic (updated in 2019):  


Music of the Spheres: Astronomically-Inspired Music as an Education and Public Outreach Tool:

Teaching Astronomy with Science Fiction (in Astronomy Education Review 2002):

Science Fiction for Scientists (a review of 11 science fiction books with good science, from Nature Physics, 2016):

Astronomers who Write Science Fiction (a listing of names, living and deceased):

Ten Science Fiction Writers for Scientists and Science Enthusiasts (article from Astronomy Beat 2012):

A Catalog of Science Fiction Stories with Good Astronomy:


Some Plays about Astronomers (an annotated listing, right on this website):

Astronomy and Poetry: A Resource Guide (in Astronomy Education Review 2001):

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